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7 thoughts on “Contact us”

    1. HI Nathan

      Which app do you want to add your restaurant to? We currently only have a coffee app that is a directory app?



  1. Like the concept and the app! Collected my first scan yesterday at Friendly Stranger.

    Just a note about your Tip Calculator: is there a way to change the currency from $ to R?

    1. Hi Johann

      Thank you for the positive feedback – glad you like the app.

      We are working on changing the $ to rands – the functionality still works but we also know it should change.

      Have a great day



  2. I would like to enquire about you app prices? (Initial development and then the Update costs)
    I am a student at North West University, and doing research on app prices for my honors project. The app I think would do, and have the features i am looking for, is the Father’s House App.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Bernard

      It really depends on the functionality of the app – what you want it to do? and also what platforms you want to be on – apple? google play? and or blackberry.

      Does this mean you are wanting to buy and app or doing the research? It would be interesting to see what your research finds about SA companies building apps?

      Send some more specific requests and we can give you a more accurate pricing structure?

      Kind regards


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