How much does an app cost? 

The basic set-up of an app varies depending on the number of features that you would like included in the App. Typically we would set up an appointment with yourself and discuss what a) you would expect from your app and b) what features you would like included in the app in and which could best suit your expectations. That way we do not have disappointed customers. So the end price does vary on your requirements – the good news is that the price is paid in rands and the company local so the cost will be reasonable.  Please give us a call should you be interested and or send us an email.


Are there any additional costs? 

There is a monthly hosting fee which allows you full 24 hour support and access to the back end of the app from your own dashboard. From here you will be able to a) see the number of Apple and Android devices that have download your app b) send push notifications, and c) get access to 24 hour support.

This cost is R 400 a month and can be cancelled within 30 days.


How long does it take to build my app? 

Within 24 hours we can prepare a mock up of the app – if you submit a request from this website. From the mock up you would need to  agreed on the features you would like included on the app, sign the proposal and pay 50% deposit and from here it will take a further 10 days to build the app.

The final 50% payment is required when the app accepted in the ITunes and Android stores.


How long does it take to register the app in the iTunes and Android stores? 

This varies between 2 – 4 weeks. SnAPP does not have control over this time period.


Will My App be on both Apple and Android?

Yes. Your app will be available on both the apple and android platforms and can be read on both Smartphones as well as on Tablets.  For no additional charge, you can also have the HTML5 platform included (Blackberry & MSN) although not all the features will be fully functional.


Can I make changes to my App?

Adjustments and push notifications can be made from the app membership site.  For the technically advanced, we can train you up to do your own adjustments and push notifications.  Alternatively you may wish to have us complete those for you by taking one of our maintenance contracts.   To find out more about our maintenance contracts please e-mail us.


Can I Upgrade My App To Include Additional Features at any time in the future

Yes.  You can request any additional features at any time.  Our team will be more than happy to work with you to include additional features and pages should the need arise.   This is particularly useful if you have a limited budget and want to purchase your app to take advantage of the marketing features, but wish to include additional features as the funds become available.


 How can a mobile app help my business?
Mobile has taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to download and use on their smart phones. They provide instant information and provide customers with a direct way to contact a business from their iPhone. With our solutions, you can engage, inform, and impress your customers. We also provide solutions that are specifically designed to help build brand loyalty and create frequent buyers for your business with the use of our check in coupon system.
  • It has been projected that mobile devices will overtake desktops by 2015
  • Mobile is the fastest growing industry… EVER
  • Mobile app industry is expected to grow 1000% to 58 billion by 2015



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