Ten reasons to buy a SnAPP app


1)   Analytics and tracking

With our apps you are left with a full dashboard that will allow you to update your app from time to time (if there is a new event for example) and to be able to see how many downloads have been on each of the Apple or Android platforms. This means you are in control and do not need to pay an extra IT person to manage your success.


2)   Built in South Africa

The apps are built here in South Africa meaning you have support and back up on your doorstep.  Most apps are made in either the USA or India and these time zones make talking to someone about a small change difficult. SnAPP is but a phone call away. We will also visit you and work with you through out the design phase where necessary and possible.



3)   Push Notifications

Throughout the duration of your sign up with SnAPP you will have the ability to send push notifications to all your customers who have downloaded the app for free and an unlimited amount of times – within reason as you do not want to bother and annoy them.


4)   Build Brand Loyalty

With the app and ability to update daily, as well as the integration facilities, loyalty programs available, and social media links you can easily engender and build brand loyalty with your customer base.


5)   GPS directions

These days people are on the move.  Map books and yellow pages are left in the office. Our app’s allow your customers to locate you and get directions from their point of reference right to your front door!


6)   Social Medial integration

Every smart Company and brand has a social media presence. Integration of your app with these platforms is literally done with the click of a button.


7)   Ten keywords for the stores

Heard of Google Adwords – these are keywords that people use to search in the search engines and they cost money – depending on the keyword it can be as much as R 40 a click. With our app you get to select 10 keywords that people can use to search for your app in the stores – for free.


8)    Impulse purchasing

Purchasing anything you may have to sell on an app or even the app itself is called an “impulse purchase”. This is like the chocolates that the retails stores put at eye level with the shopping cart full of kids.  The Apple and Android stores are the biggest repository of credit card details in the world and they make it easy to spend 99c or 4.99 on a small item – hence the term impulse buy.


9)   On-line shopping cart

Our app has the ability for us to integrate a shopping cart for your products from within the app itself.  Your customers are tempted even further by the ease to make that sale you are looking for.


10)                   Taylored to your needs

Lastly we can add and remove any of the features available and build an app specific to your needs and interests with the aim of bringing more traffic though your door or making more sales as the bottom line.

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