What kind of businesses need App’s


What kind of businesses need App’s?


In this day and age, when the advertising and marketing budgets have been slashed, marketing departments are more accountable for their spend, metrics from websites are more readily available than from the print media, on-line distribution costs are cheaper, social media managers are being appointed within the teams, one needs to ask what kind of businesses would benefit from having an App.


The truth is, not every business needs an app.


This is especially true for service type industries.  As an example why would an electrician need
an app?
If a household has an electrical short in their home they would be unlikely to whip out
a smart –phone looking for an app.

A school in the local area is unlikely to get one more booking to fill the Grade 3 class because of an app that the school had.


So what we at SnAPP am saying is that using apps as BUSINESS CARDS
isn’t that beneficial.


However, when deciding what movie to go an adult would not be surprised to watch the children quickly whip put their smart-phones or I pad and tell you what is showing in the closest Nu Metro cinema’s, what time and which seats are still available. In fact you can make the bookings from within these app’s these days.


So in the end, it’s up to each individual company to decide if it is appropriate to develope and app or not, but
these are the businesses that could
easily BENEFIT from an app:


A) Businesses with a social atmosphere

B) Businesses with an event calendar

C) Businesses that keep on-line inventory





Bars, restaurants, etc, get tons of repeat
customers and also have MENUS.  That’s
a great reason to get an app.  Plus they
typically have bands/functions, specials and strong social media followings, which can be supplemented by the app. People really have a strong social attachment
to bars and restaurants.  Push notifications which have a 98% opening rate mean you can advertise a half price cocktail to the customer base on the way home on a Friday night – something that an email would not achieve with it’s 4% opening rate!




Every single movie theater, playhouse, opera,
hotel with conference rooms, bars, nightclub,
stadium, sports team (big or small), arena
and event center SHOULD have an app…
and  they all WILL have an app in the next
few years.




Another big market that needs apps is people
car dealerships, collectibles shops (comics,
baseball cards, etc), clothing stores, real estate for sale, details of tour inventories etc.

Basically in this case the app is a
bookmark.  So people can check their inventory
quickly on the go.It’s good for repeat business and this app helps keep those customers loyal.



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